Low Level Laser

The FX 635 laser by Erchonia provides patients experiencing chronic low back pain with a new treatment option. This non-invasive, pain-free, efficacious solution targets low back pain and improves quality of life without surgery. The FX 635 is the only FDA Market Cleared Laser to provide relief for chronic low back pain of musculoskeletal origin. The healing powers of this low-level laser technology can return you to an active life once again without pain or the long-term effects of pain medication.
The FX 635 is also cleared to treat Planter Fasciitis. Planter heel pain is one of the most common pathologies of the foot, accounting for up to 15% of foot-related symptoms presented to physicians. Unlike other lasers on the market, The FX 635 is proven to promote cellular function through painless bio-stimulation. It provides patients experiencing chronic heel pain with a non invasive, efficacious solution to quickly improve their walking comfort and quality of life without surgery.

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